Do You Want A Performance Audit Or A Program Evaluation? Essay

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Government organizations are developed out of the funding provided by the government to meet the needs of the community. In order to ensure that these agencies are adequately meeting these needs, they are reviewed by internal or external entities. This paper will review performance audits and program program evaluations as a form of assessments that may be conducted as well as their effectiveness in identifying the performance expectations. Additionally, the paper will review California’s Auditor Controller methods of review and the impact it has on changing current practices of organizations. Overall, the research found will demonstrate that while a variety of assessments exist the availability to these two forms of reviews are limited due of the tie to funding.

Types of Review
In recent times, many departments and agencies are coming under review to determine their effectiveness. The organizations’ capacity to manage or effectiveness in what it sets out to do is what is a question. In the article, “Do you want a Performance Audit or a Program Evaluation?”, by Dwight F. Davis, the author distinguishes these two practices. The author defines performance audits as it “…involve[s] a determination of the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of government organization…” (Davis, 1990, pg35). While program evolution is the “…systemic application of social research procedures in assessing the conceptualization and design, implementation and utility…”(Davis, 1990, pg35).

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