Do Your Congressional Representatives Really Work For You Or Are They Just Puppets Being Used For Their Vote On

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Do your Congressional Representatives really work for you or are they just puppets being used for their vote on policy? In the wake of the passing of the H.R. 2393: Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015 through the House of Representatives one must to begin to think what influence the representatives to vote the way they did. The H.R. 2393 act was drawn up in order to repeal the requirement for meat products to be labeled with their country of origin, which went into effect in 2013 and was officially known as COOL (Country of Origin Labeling). The original COOL act 2013 requires countries to label packaging of meat where the animal was raised and slaughtered at. This created international tension between Canada, Mexico and…show more content…
As political scientists, we are aiming to dive deeper into understanding political behavior and the circumstances that sound it. Specifically whether political party affiliation, committee involvement, and donor contribution have a deep-rooted impact on political behavior within foreign policy of the representatives from New York, North Dakota, and Texas on H.R. 2393: Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015. In recent times political tensions between the United States, Canada, and Mexico have risen over in essence a piece of paper. The United States placed a policy that required countries to place a label of origin on specific meat products that would be entering the United States. As this policy elevated foreign tension, creating a threat of possible tariff on any American meat export into Canada or Mexico tension also raised in side the American borders as well. A tariff would cause cattle producing state’s economy to decrease very heavily generated a sense of anxiety. Yet, in 2015 the House of Representatives passed the H.R. 2393 amendment revoking the country of origin label (COOL). As the situation surrounding the H.R. 2393 was unique to say the less, as a study we were interested in Did other factors affect the Congress’ voting behavior of the representatives towards the H.R. 2393 bill in the states of New York, Texas and North Dakota? With the influence of money from PAC, the
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