Do Your Thing Honey!

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For a singer to skyrocket at such a fast pace, the person must truly be something special. To be able to do so and not change as a person is truly spectacular. When Rihanna came onto the scene, there were plenty of young female singers who wanted to put their staple into music. To be successful for a music artist, it all relies on timing. If too much time passes, a star is forgotten. Rihanna is a girl with staying power. She goes on from one hit to the next, always staying fresh and current. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988 in St. Michael Parish, on the Caribbean Island of Barbados to Monica and Ronald Fenty. She had a rocky childhood dealing with her father’s addiction to alcohol and crack. One day Rihanna had walked …show more content…
The album went on to be titled A Girl Like Me. She had to work around her tour dates and interviews for the album to be released on time. She was also working on completing school, interviews, and video shoots. The one big difference in this album is Rihanna had input. She was able to give her thoughts and ideas on the things she wanted to do. “S.O.S.” received rave reviews. The song was included in the movie Bring It On: All or Nothing (Heatley 35). The movie was also Rihanna’s first appearance in a movie. Upon the album’s release, it sold 115,000 copies. It appeared at number five on the Billboard charts. The album went on to sell1.3 million copies making it a platinum disc. By mid-2006 Rihanna began her first headlining tour in San Francisco, California. While touring, she was thinking ahead to her next album. She knew she did not want to take the safe road this album. She wanted her third album to be edgy. She looked toward a more urban feel. “Umbrella became the lead single and the track that heralded the arrival of an international superstar” (Heatley 48). The recording of Good Girl Gone Bad began in October 2006. This album took six months to complete. Rihanna had a full hand on approach for this album. She wanted to sing songs she believed in and could relate to. The album was release in March 2007 where it started at number forty- two, then climbed to number one, where it remained
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