Do the Right Thing Scene Analysis Essay

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Do the Right Thing is a dramatic comedic film that was directed by Spike Lee. The movie was released in 1989. Lee served in three capacities for the film: writer, director and producer of the movie, Ernest Dickenson was the cinematographer and Barry Alexander Brown was the film’s editor. For this film, Lee garnered together some notable actors and actresses, including Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, Rosie Perez, Samuel L. Jackson, John Tuturro and Martin Lawrence. The setting of the movie is in Bedford-Stuyvesant; which is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. This particular neighborhood is made up of several ethnic groups that include African Americas, Italians, Koreans, and Puerto Ricans. The movie takes place on a particularly hot day …show more content…
This confrontation does not end on a happy note and has deadly consequences in subsequent scenes.
The scene takes place inside of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria which is in the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The pizzeria has been in that neighborhood for many years and most its customers are blacks. Inside the pizzeria we see chairs, tables, refrigerator that contains soda, a pizza oven and a cash register among other things typically found inside a restaurant. The temperature inside the pizzeria is hot and coupled with the extreme hot day makes the racial tensions more intense.

For this scene natural lighting is being utilized. The lighting is comes from the available source within the scene, which are the several lamps hanging from the ceilings throughout the pizzeria. The three point light system can also be seen in this scene. The main lighting source is the key light. An example of this is present, when we first see Sal at the beginning of the scene. We see a light coming from the left side of the frame. This light illuminates one part of his face but casts a shadow on the other half part. Here we have a high key lighting. The use of fill light is also present; we can see an example of this in the shot where we see Vito reaction that what Sal is saying. One half of his face is lit by the key light
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