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Contents Organizational justice: 1 1: Distributive justice: 1 2: procedural justice: 2 3 interactional justice: 2 Importance of organizational justice: 2 CONDITIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL JUSTICE IN PAKISTAN 3 Organizational citizenship behavior: 3 Definition and concept: 3 Kinds of organizational citizenship Behavior: 3 Altruism: 3 Conscientiousness: 4 Civic virtue: 4 Importance of organization citizenship behavior: 4 Organizational justice: Organizational justice shows the thinking of the employees that are working in the organization how they are being treated fair or unfair. Organizational justice word was first used by green burg (1987) which reflects the behaviors of individuals towards fair practices in the…show more content…
If any company faces serious questions as on its capacity to organizational justice, thoughtful remedies should have to be implemented. If the internal justice systems are seemed as unfair or any unresponsive, managers and employees should not trust the system and intend to not report assumed misbehavior. . CONDITIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL JUSTICE IN PAKISTAN Organizational citizenship behavior: Definition and concept: Denis is also known as father of studies on OCB he explain OCB that it is the individual dictionary behavior directly or clearly identified by the formal reward system in the organization and its reflect and promote the smooth and effective organization system Organizational is linked with different positive attitudes and behaviors at workplace (konovsky & cropanzano-1991, Barling &wiesenfeld-1996) they said justice should have to be on the core value of organizational and management practices to have a competitive edge. The contribution of employees is very essential to any business and as the business are going to the global level and competition is on high market and consumers wants are changing day by day in short time period this changes lead to employees to do more and something innovative and show the positive behaviors like accountability collaboration and quality of organization behaviors studies of (McFarlin and sweeny,1992) said

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