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Free eChapters (FALL 2012) eChapters offer students immediate access to the first few chapters of their textbooks while they are waiting for the print book to arrive. eChapters help students to keep up with required reading and assignments until they receive their course material, without having to pay expedited shipping costs. eChapters that are available from the publisher are attainable free of charge. How do students gain access to free eChapters?
Not all courses or textbooks have eChapters available. For all courses where eChapters are available, the files are located in the student’s Blackboard course shell under the Student Center. Below is a list of courses with eChapters loaded into the course shells, giving students free access
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Strategic Management - 13th ed. Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases, Competitiveness & Globalization - 10th 2013 ed. Supply Management 7th 03 ed. Winning Government Business: Gaining the Competitive Advantage 2nd 2011 Contemporary Business 14th 11 revised ed. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: An Integrated Approach 4th 2010 ed. Project Management: A Managerial Process, 5e 2011 BUS 518: Cases for Project Management Leadership

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