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What Is Arbitration?
Arbitration is a fast way to get a decision when you are in a dispute. Arbitration is more flexible and less formal than court. Usually, an arbitration can be scheduled faster than a trial. Sometimes, if the parties want, arbitrators can decide things that judges are not allowed to decide.
Arbitration is like a trial but less formal. In arbitration, two sides present their evidence to an arbitrator. The arbitrator decides who wins and who loses. An arbitrator does the job that a judge or jury would normally do in court.
Why do cases go to arbitration?
Who is an arbitrator?
What kinds of cases go into arbitration?
How does a case end up in mandatory arbitration?
What is the cost of mandatory arbitration?
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Each side must pay its own lawyer fees. In certain cases, the arbitrator may order the loser to pay the winner’s lawyer fees. Arbitrators can also order that a party pay additional costs and fees in certain circumstances.
If a party is unable to afford the cost of an arbitrator, a judge may waive some or all of the arbitrator's fee, in which case the state pays that amount. The judge also may defer the fees until the winner has been determined, and then the losing party pays the fees.
How does arbitration work?
After an arbitrator is chosen, he or she will make procedural decisions. If the parties do not agree what evidence can be submitted, or other procedural questions, the arbitrator will decide those issues. The arbitrator will tell the parties when documents are due and when hearings will be held. If one side asks for arbitration to be delayed to have more time to get ready, the arbitrator will decide whether the delay is fair to both sides.
In mandatory court arbitration, the case will usually have a hearing within 7 weeks after the arbitrator is chosen. An arbitrator should issue a decision within 20 days after the hearing is finished. In voluntary arbitration, a contract or other agreement of the parties may set the timelines.
Before the hearing, each party must give the arbitrator and the other side a list of witnesses who will

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