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Letter of Transmittal Sep. 1, 08 Ms. ............... Lecturer Department of BBA Stamford University Bangladesh Madam, We are very glad to inform you that we are going to submit the study report titled "Management Practices in Business Organizations" based on the management practices in Taj King Industries (Pvt.) Ltd a reputed melamine wares manufacturer & exporter In this study report, we have tried to include all the factors we thought essential for previously mentioned title. We have analyzed the factors based on managerial theories & managerial key functions with the proposed options & the events though few things might be omitted due to our limited knowledge & access of information. We are always prepared to…show more content…
At local level also there are staff training programs. Taj is an equal-gender employer and does not employ any child labor. Taj has more than 150 employees, and there are 20 sales person and 10 designers. Craftsmanship: Taj has provided jobs to local artisans who have a long tradition in their respective profession. Under Taj's facilities, these craftsmen work to their full potential and adorn each Taj product with care and passion. Endeavor to Excel: Excellence is an endless pursuit. Taj pursue it anyhow, especially, in order to maintain its competitive edge at both local and competitive, levels, we need to push the limits and it does it only for a simple appreciate gesture from the user of its melamine ware. Taj is proud of its valued consumer who is proud of Taj's Melamine ware. Equipment & Materials: The main strength of Taj's treasure is its imported machinery. Taj has chosen the best of machinery from China and Japan that have already prove themselves efficient in manufacturing porcelain ware.Taj runs it all production through 8 hydraulic compressor machines ranging from 100tons ~ 300tons. Taj has the ability to make out what pattern consumers like and are in possession of developing a new pattern. Decal Printing: One important feature of Taj is its Decal Printing unit, over the years; Taj has developed expertise in decal printing. Taj believes that only the combination

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