Doc Holliday: Wyat Earp's Ally

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“Blaize away! You’re a daisy if you have (Roberts, Doc Holliday, the Earp’s Strangest Ally). This is just one of Doc Holliday’s famous lines. Doc had a very interesting life, from the time of his dentistry career, to his gambling days with the Earp brothers. He will continue to be a legendary character for helping make the West livable. Doc Holliday wasn’t just a dentist; he was a gun-slinging gambler who helped the Earps tame the Wild West (SV;SV). Doc had a tough life. He had a disease known as tuberculosis, which affects the respiratory system. In this period of time Tuberculosis wasn’t treatable and often caused death. Along with his partying habits, it is what caused Doc’s death at only 36 years old (Osinki). He could have probably …show more content…
The night before the fight Ike Clanton was in a rage about the Earps and Doc. Ike gathered up his brothers and McLaury and walked through the streets asking for a fight. Virgil Earp invited Doc to be a part of the McLaury-Clanton arrest because of Doc’s shooting skills. At the fight Virgil took Doc’s cane and gave Doc a sawed-off shotgun to hide under his coat. After shooting off both barrels of the shotgun, Doc came close to being shot; however, he had his first true friends, the Earps, to cover his back (SV, conj. Adv). Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton died in the fight; Ike filed charges for murder against the Earps and Doc; the Earps and Doc were requested to attend the court case. (SV;SV;SV). Because of Doc’s reputation, it made it difficult for them to win the case, but that didn’t stop them from winning it (Roberts, Doc Holliday, the Earps’ Strangest Ally). Doc was an extremely loyal friend to the Earps. Even after the fight at the Corral, Doc went with Wyatt to track down the people who killed Morgan Earp (Roberts, Brothers of the Gun, Wyatt and Doc). After a while in Tombstone, Doc drifted around a bit until he found his way to Glenwood Springs Colorado. He traveled to Colorado because of its supposed healing hot springs (Holliday, Doc). The springs probably were able to help Doc a little but in the end his tuberculosis was too much for his body to handle. Virgil had this to say of Doc, “…Doc was one of the first to saddle his horse and report

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