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1. You have just finished a 25-page paper that you have written using Emacs.The file containing the paper is called /assignments/data_sources. After your instructor has briefly looked at the paper, she recommends that you change all instances of the reference “data is” to “data are” before you submit it.Which of the following commands can you use to locate these references in the file for a quick assessment of how much you have to change? a. find - i 'data is' /assignments/data_sources b. test /assignments/data_sources "data is" c. grep "data is" /assignments/data_sources d. scan -t data is /assignments/data_sources 2. You are interested in determining the number of words in your /assignments/ data_sources file mentioned in Question…show more content…
window ls -a d. dir < display 13. You are creating a file to send over the Internet via a satellite connection that only allows you to send files under 250 KB.Which of the following commands enables you to determine the number of bytes in the file before you try to send it? a. cat -s b. tr -b c. counter -k d. wc -c 14. In the command sed -f fixit notes > instructions, what is “fixit”? a. a script file b. an operator c. a function d. a formatting interpreter 15. When you design a record layout, you should do which of the following? a. identify each field by data type b. plan to delimit fields using a dash c. identify each field by name d. store only fields relevant to the record’s purpose 16. What sed command option enables you to append new text to a file? a. p b. -n c. a\ d. |add 17. Your boss has two salary scale files, salary and salary1, and wants to compare their contents side by side to see if there are any differences in the files.Which of the following commands should he use? a. diff -S salary > salary1 b. comm salary salary1 c. uniq salary < salary1 d. sed --comp salary salary1 18. When you use the pr command how can you limit the output to only a screen full of text to view. (Choose all that apply.) a. Maximize your terminal window to hold 24 lines. b. Pipe the output into more. c. Use the -l 23 option. d. Pipe the less command into the more command. 19. When you use the Awk printf capability, what does the dollar sign ($) represent? a. a field
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