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Running head: DOCUMENTARIES ON TERRORISM Documentaries on Terrorism by Donna Browne A Paper Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for CJ 212 Heroism Saint Thomas Aquinas Collage Fall 2011 How is Terrorism Financed Introduction As we live is this world we are faced with all types of diversities. However the main diversity that the world has been facing is terrorism. Within the last decade, terrorism has hit the United States hard. Before the last ten years, The United States have seen signs and acts of terrorism. Before September 11, The United States law enforcements and security forces where not on the same sheet of music of getting information or sharing…show more content…
At least, that was the impression it gave, even if it was illegal and causes the braking of some laws. This documentary clearly shows that the amendments rights where broken. This was done by tapping into phone calls and getting access to everyone’s personal life. There were a lot of civilians where not in agreement with being spied on by the Government. The president at the time, made it seem like he was doing his job and that was what he needed to do to protect the citizens of United States. The documentary showed proof that the CIA was using cell phones companies to tap into citizen’s phones lines and getting banking information from casino’s when people are on vacation such as Vegas. This was not only illegal, but was not constitutional. Laws were broken and no agency wanted to take responsibility for their actions. Conclusion A lot has changed over the past years when it comes to the government agencies. The governments are working together, sharing critical information, not worried about the fame and are more concern about the welfare of the citizens. However, terrorism well never stop because someone will always have motives as long as The United States are a super power country. The US will always have enemies and the world does not need to be that way, but it
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