Doctor And Patient : Analysis Of The Care Of The Terminally Ill

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Doctor and Patient: Analysis of the Care of the Terminally Ill in Mario Bellatín’s Beauty Salon The protagonist of Mario Bellatín’s Beauty Salon accommodates his guests in his former beauty salon in a way that elicits both positive and negative reactions. While the back cover of the book describes the protagonist’s actions as an “almost saintly dedication as his ‘guests’ continue to arrive and die,” others disagree about the selfless nature of his motives. Because of the strict set of rules and the control the protagonist commands over his former beauty salon, now called the Terminal, some scholars, such as Dr. Estela Vieira of Yale University, would describe the protagonist’s methods as “torture of rigor” (Vieira). It is important to explore the controversial aspects of the Terminal’s methods of care further in order to better understand the protagonist, an AIDS patient himself, by opening up conversation about the other side of the AIDS epidemic, the caretaker’s side. In Mario Bellatín’s Beauty Salon, the owner of the Terminal for terminally ill AIDS patients exemplifies the complex struggle of simultaneously balancing the roles of being a caretaker and a patient himself. This paper will outline the standardized methods of the care for terminally ill AIDS patients, introduce the Terminal’s methods of care, and analyze it in light of the background knowledge gained. Afterward, this paper will explore how the motives behind the protagonist’s management of the Terminal are
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