Doctor Faustus

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Things aren’t always as they appear to be. This is true in John Faustus’s case in terms of his relationship with Mephistopheles and in turn the devil himself. Poor Faustus believes it is he who has called upon the demon Mephistopheles and it is his tongue that orders the servant of hell, yet he could not be any more mistaken. In reality, Faustus is the one with strings attached to him and it is Lucifer, Mephistopheles, and the Evil Angel playing the role of the puppeteer. Nevertheless, Faustus remains a student to the ideology of Christianity throughout his adventures, even amongst the bleakest of hours. God never leaves the side of John Faustus, as He relentlessly tries to bring Faustus back onto the path of righteousness.
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Faustus would have been better off knowing where he stood in relation to Gods plan and not trying to outreach himself. Faustus agreed with the views and opinions of Christianity, and followed those ideas most of his life, lust consumed him though and lead him to excess. Doctor Faustus should have learned from his studies of theology of the dangers brought on by overstepping ones boundaries in an attempt for an excess of earthly desires.
Evil is better in the moment, as goodness is better later on. This is the message given to us by Christopher Marlowe in his play Doctor Faustus. Faustus let the Evil Trinity persuade him into instant pleasures, such as money, women, humor, and knowledge in order to take away the everlasting pleasure that God could provide through Heaven. The infernal powers were blinders to him, limiting his view and perception of the bigger picture and what truly mattered. One should never lose sight of the bigger picture, of their end goal, in all that they do, whether it be in school, or in sports, or in life. Instant pleasures, as Doctor Faustus found out, often times lead toward empty
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