Doctor Faustus : The Relationship Of Mephastophilis And Faustus

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Doctor Faustus: The Relationship of Mephastophilis and Faustus In Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, the tragic protagonist Faustus finds himself tired of his previous pursuits in logic, medicine, law and religion. He falls upon the decision to explore a new and taboo area of knowledge: the black arts. Once he settles on this idea, he begins a relentless endeavor to quench his thirst for higher knowledge, wealth and success through learning supernatural powers. Alas, his admirable ambition and determined quest result in his tragic demise and ultimate downfall. In the Resurgens Theatre Company’s production of Doctor Faustus, directed by Brent Griffin, the psychological perspective and narrative of Faustus is highlighted through the use of minimalistic approaches in casting, setting, and editing of the text. The production portrays Faustus’ renaissance characteristics and gives the audience an interactive and panoramic experience with a focus on his relationship with Mephastophilis and his mental and spiritual spiral into tragedy. At the start of Act I, Scene I we already realize Faustus is one of his own worst enemies. His zest for furthering his knowledge is impressive and admirable, but the logic he displays in his opening soliloquy exposes his flaws and blind spots. For example, while he makes his decision on what area of learning to pursue, he quotes bible scripture out of context and states necromancy to be a more noble choice than religion, when it is usually

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