Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

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What would you sell your soul for? A question Faustus had to ask when he wanted to gain more than just knowledge. England during the 1550’s had gone through many changes with religion, leaving the people unsure of what they wanted. When Elizabeth finally claimed throne and stayed Queen for a forty- five year reign, there were stable religious changes. For an escape and way of entertainment, society would attend plays. Due to the changing events during the Elizabethan era, plays were a stress reliever for the people such as the play Doctor Faustus; written by Christopher Marlowe who was also dealing with his own religious problems symbolizing the life of Elizabethan times. England had four different rulers take the throne within a twenty year span. Henry VIII ruled in 1509, being well known for having married six wives and wanting to produce a male heir (Singman 1). Henry wanted a divorce; he asked for the pope to help him and ended in rejection. Henry was angry resulting in his passing of legislation that separated him from the Roman Catholic Church (Singman 1). After his third wife gave birth to Edward VI, she died. In 1547, after his father’s death, Edward took throne under age advised by guardians. He died before he came of age to rule on his own. (Singman 2). The next oldest child was Mary, an extreme Catholic. She reunited England with the Catholic Church; that soon changed after she died in 1558 after her short ruling (Singman 2). The outcomes of her ruling were
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