Doctor Livesey-Personal Narrative

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The Journey to Doctor Livesey’s house was a quiet one. There were no signs of the men who were with Pew anywhere near us on the southern English countryside, thank the heavens. The only sounds to befall upon my ears were the steady clip clop of the horse’s hooves, and the continuous buzzing of numerous insects. No words could be found to kindle a conversation, and I had no desire to start one. Flitting moments of time passed by, and soon enough, Doctor Livesey’s house appeared.
The sound of the hooves clip-clopping was still echoing in my ears, but the noise seemingly grew louder, as my anticipation upon arriving at Doctor Livesey’s house rose. The group of Mr. Dance’s men came to a stop. Mr. Dance muttered a quiet “Let’s go now,” to which
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I gazed around the brightly lit area, where there was a bed with pure white sheets in the corner, a cabinet with vials and bottles filled with medicine, a lamp burning brightly on a tiny, wooden table, along with a rectangular table in the middle of the…show more content…
Giving a half effort smile, he introduced himself. “Mah name’s Chase. I’m Doctor Livesey’s helper. I’ll get ‘im fur ye.” “Thank you.”
And with that he headed to Doctor Livesey’s room.
I waited for Doctor Livesey’s appearance. It wasn’t but a moment after, when Doctor Livesey strode in the room, with Chase behind him.
“Doctor Livesey!” I said, with urgency. I quickly walked up to him. “A lot has happened, sir! And,” I paused,” I need to show you something.” The doctor looked at me with understanding.
“Sit. down, Jim. Tell me what’s ensued.” We both sat down at the table in the middle of the room. He turned to his apprentice, who stood there with confusion written all over his face. “Chase, would you get water for Jim here?” Chase nodded. “Yes, sir.” The apprentice went to fetch the water in the next room. While he was doing so, I took the time to explain everything that had happened back at the inn; about Pew’s death, and the oilskin packet I had found in Billy Jones’s wooden chest. In the middle of explaining the oilskin packet, Chase had walked back in, with water in hand. He set it in front of me, and I drank it all in no time at
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