Doctor Paddock And Doctor Medaris

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Doctor Paddack versus Doctor Medaris At most colleges it is important for there to be superior professors. Students prefer to choose professors who have strong teaching styles and who will help them succeed in college. They may have the same degree or other similarities. However, most professors often have differences between each other. This is true for the professors at Manhattan Christian College, specifically Doctor Paddock and Doctor Medaris. Although Doctor Paddock and Doctor Medaris have unique similarities, they share obvious differences. These differences include measurement of knowledge, interaction with students, and presentation of material. There are a variety of different ways for professors to measure the knowledge of their…show more content…
He instead assigns forums, chapter questions, and readings. Doctor Medaris likes for students to have detailed and thorough responses. The questions from both the forum and the readings are generally asking about the student’s personal leadership role or about their past. As an illustration, he assigned the questions; “What is one of the most challenging changes you have had to make in your life? How did you handle this change? What have you learned about yourself through this change?” Questions like these, allow the students to think through and process what it is that they believe about leadership and why. These questions often bring up past memories of either being in leadership or being under another person’s leadership and their effect on the student. At Manhattan Christian College, they utilize an online system, MCC Online This is an excellent tool for professors and students to communicate by handling assignments, checking grades, and reviewing notes. Doctor Paddock and Doctor Medaris consistently interact with their students on MCC Online, although they use it differently. In this case, Doctor Medaris has students submit their forums and assigned questions through MCC Online. While on the other hand, Doctor Paddock has students take the quizzes and tests through this tool and he posts the notes from his lectures after each class. Another way professors stay interacted with their students is during scheduled class
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