Doctor Strange Research Paper

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Of all the superhero films released this year, Marvel's Doctor Strange is without a doubt the one that I was most excited to see - yes, ahead of Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman. It is no secret that I'm not a Marvel Comics reader but I do enjoy their animated adaptations. Doctor Strange has appeared as the sorcerer supreme over many of Marvel's animated series such as Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble and he even had his own film! Over my lifetime as a comic book enthusiast, no hero has ever managed to knock Doctor Strange off the title of 'Hero I Aspire to Be' - Doctor Fate came really close with his New 52 remake in Earth 2 - primarily due to his mystical abilities and his personal struggles. When the Orb of Agamotto…show more content…
I have to say that the CGI of his accident was so brilliantly done that it borders on cringe-worthy, leaving me grabbing my hands in shock. This is only one of the many moments of this magically film that really immerses you into the life of doctor Stephen Strange. While some have been quick to point out that it would have been longer to really build up to the event (accident), I stand by that it was the perfect amount of development given that we already know how this part of the story plays out. What we want from this film isn't about his time being a surgeon but rather his time exploring the mystical…show more content…
Marvel's Doctor Strange manages to surpass all its predecessors in this aspect. While it was primarily Cumberbatch's intoxicating personality and Wong's unlikely humorous side manages to balance the film's dark and potentially cataclysmic story, it was undoubtedly Rachel McAdams that deserves the recognition for lightening up the movie. Her subtle beauty coupled with her effective portrayal of her character's innocence radiates in every scene she's in - especially when finding out about magic and all that mystical stuff. If anyone was to win an award for this film, McAdams is definitely the only one I'd vote
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