Doctor To Patient Ethical Dilemmas

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AIDS is potentially the most viral disease globally. Millions of individuals retrieve this virus every year, unaware of the effects that could possibly lead to mortality. Consequently, developing countries cannot afford these expensive vaccines to reduce the production of AIDS, resulting in an increase in death rates. There is still a shortage of experts in the field of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), for doctors are still hesitant in treating infected patients. Fauci (2003) argues that HIV replicates in the lymphoid tissue of all infected individuals. He states that if we attack this virus ahead of time, more individuals would have a lower chance of mortality. The ethical issues discussed in this paper affect the relationship between doctor-to-patient…show more content…
Further, if we produce more effective drugs rather than placebo drugs in certain cases, the infected individuals could effectively respond to them in a positive way. Using the placebo effect has many disadvantages: deception and expensive payments. Some of these controlled medications could revert and harm the patient. One major way of improving the prevention of AIDS is effective vaccinations. Vaccines can potentially be the solution to destroy HIV; however, vaccines can become so obsolete since the virus contains foreign antigens. Thus, these different antigens make it difficult for the antibodies to directly bind to them. As for infected pregnant women, I believe that an advanced vaccine could be immediately inserted in the placenta to reduce the likeliness of the infant receiving the infection from blood transfusion. Scientists should create specific antibodies that could bind to this “smart” virus. They should also improve the consistency of these vaccines so that they could be active constantly. Once bonded, the virus will then be ineffective in destroying the immune
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