Document Management Systems

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Document Management Systems Executive Summary Adequate document management systems shows an overall knowledge in the management of an organization (Blair, 2002). In support of Blair, Withers and Ebrahimpour M. (2000) underscores the importance of document control systems saying where it does not exist, quality of products and thus customer dissatisfaction is observed. Going by the arguments given by Withers and Ebrahimpour M. (2000), the inconsistencies currently observed your organization are attributable to lack of a proper documentation and control system. In line with the aforementioned arguments it is evidenced that the organization is in need for a documentation and control system. Document control management systems should be considered as intellectual property investment. It thus proposed that the organization considers an investment in document control and management system. Inefficiencies, recurrent customer complaints on quality plus delay in productions and delivery are attributable to lack of an information system. The coordination and interlinking of activities in the organization are reliant of documentation which when lacking yield the magnitude of chaos as those experienced in your organization. To reduce recurrent inefficiencies the organization needs to consider development of a document management system. Introduction Document management is mainly meant to bring in an aspect of quality for example in communication and in this line efficiency in
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