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Document review. The document review was achieved through the analysis of electronic and physical artifacts to uncover the existence and potential application of district policy. Documents for review included district level policies, as well as secondary school student handbooks that would likely cover anti-gay bullying and harassment protection of sexual minority students. Documents were procured first through individual school and district websites as they are required to be posted there. If needed, additional follow up was made by email or telephone to each district. A structured document review checklist was developed for use that incorporated standardized items to seek. (See Appendix D.) Such documents were analyzed in conjunction with…show more content…
District policies from each of the 29 districts sampled were reviewed to determine the extent to which policy vernacular enumerated LGBT students. Enumeration values included sexual orientation, sexual preference, LGBT, GLBT, homosexual, and gay (refer to Appendix E for complete checklist matrix). The district policies sought during the document analysis portion of the study included: (a) Anti-Violence and Non-Discrimination, (b) Bullying, (c) Code of Conduct, (d) Equal Educational Opportunity, (e) Equal Employment Opportunity, (f) Harassment and Violence Prevention, and (g) Mission…show more content…
Each participant was presented a consent form electronically, and confidentiality was maintained throughout the process. (See Appendix A.) Steps taken to ensure the confidentiality of the respondents included assigning an alias name or number to each respondent requesting such, presenting the consent form that explained to participants that they had been selected to participate in the study, and minimizing “off the record” conversations. The only identification of individual interview data in reports was by subjects’ MASSP
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