Documentary Analysis: Prison Break

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Prison Break – Final Paper Assignment
It has been a long time since I have seen the TV series Prison Break, but I remember enough of it to complete this paper. Throughout this quarter we have talked about many different topics that show how the American correctional system works. There were some topics that were shocking to see and learn and then there were some topics that were familiar as they were shown in movies and TV series. There have been times when some topics were shocking as it was hard to believe because coming from India I never thought things that were shown in TV series could be true. For me, they were more of a fictional, but I guess there were true and when I watched this show I was like 16 to 17 years old. In the TV series,
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There were weapons that were also used and these weapons were made by the inmates. These weapons can be made from things that are carved down to sharp objects. This is similar as to what we have seen in the documentary in class when it shows how the inmates made the weapons and hid the weapons on the playground so the guards or officers would not notice them. In class, we also discussed how the inmates were given time to play on the grounds but they all were not taken out all at once. In the TV series, it showed that everyone was on the playground at the same time. In starting off the quarter we discussed in class and watched the documentary “Miami Mega Jail” where it showed that inmates were allowed to work in the prison institution such as a cook, cleaners, and other jobs that were offered in the prison. In Prison Break, it shows how the inmates worked in the prison institution as well. There were cooks, cleaners, and other work duties that were offered in the…show more content…
We discussed how the inmates organized other inmates according to their roles. There were the fish, inmates who are new, merchants, inmates who got you things, gorillas, they are predators of prison exploit, and lastly the wolves’, these were the sexual predators. The inmates who were considered as the wolves’, their predators were the young and weak inmates. In Prison Break you can see the character T-Bag would always tell a new inmate that he was going to make them his bitch. In the TV series, it also showed that T-Bag would take out his pocket and his predator or as he called his bitch would have to hold that hanging pocket, which indicated that the inmate was his girlfriend. The other subculture that we have discussed in class was how the inmates have divided themselves into groups by their race and ethnicity. In prison you can see inmates in groups such as all the blacks or African American inmates will have their own group, the Whites will have their own group, and the Hispanics will have their own group. This was also seen in Prison Break as there were groups that were formed. As discussed in class, we talked about how there are gay and transgender prisoners that were kept in a separate wing, in California, as they were the minority group and they were being harassed or bullied by the other inmates. In the TV show, the gay man, T-Bag, was bullying the others and was a tough inmate. As
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