Documentary Analysis: The Hunting Ground

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The Hunting Ground is an expose on sexual assaults complaints in colleges in the United States and attempts by these learning institutions to silence. The documentary, which was first released in January 2015 at the Sundance Film, captures a number of sexual assault survivors from various campuses as they narrate their gruesome experiences at the hands of rapist and their efforts to pursue their education in tranquility whilst finding justice. At the heart of the documentary’s premise is that campuses have become happy hunting grounds for potential rapists and that there are many unsuspecting students who are falling prey to sexual predators. Most of the sexual predators are members of fraternities and are individuals who victims know very well from classes or night parties. The documentary also argues that university administrations are more worried about lowering reported incidences of sexual assault than they are about helping rape victims find justice and recover from trauma. Among the many victims who provide…show more content…
It presents agonizing and tearful accounts of how fresh college students were raped even before they had attended their first class. From the testimonies presented by the film, it is difficult to not sympathize with the position of the victims. There have been suggestions and criticism in the media to the effect that the victims are only fabricating information and that rape in campuses is not as bad as depicted by the film. Such criticisms seek to paint victims of sexual abuse as dishonest and even perhaps self-seeking. However, it is implausible that a woman who has not been a victim of a sexual assault would come out and accuse anyone out of the blue. The sheer number of alleged victims who presented their stories in the documentary puts everything into perspective: rape in campuses is a really rampant
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