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The Mysterious Origins of Man are a documentary filmed in 1996. The documentary argued that mankind has lived on the Earth for tens of millions of years, and that mainstream scientists have suppressed the fossil evidence for this. Some material included was based on the controversial Forbidden Archeology, a book written by Hindu creationists Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson about abnormal archeological finds reported mainly in early scientific journals. It also included interviews with people of different views to fortify their argument such as, creationist Carl Baugh on the Paluxy tracks controversy; Richard Milton, author of Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, on Lucy (oldest skeleton of an upright humanoid discovered);
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This of course goes against all modern belief that homo sapiens appeared on earth nearly 195,000 years ago. It was later stated that the archaeologist that made the discovery was discredited and fired, the documentary claims this as a government cover up. The way in which the argument was presented at a first glance seemed valid and sound, however the argument lacks certain information. The evidence was provided by a scientist, who was later discredited, fired and ultimately never heard of again. The situation leaves loose ends. Also, the argument is presented in a very one-sided way, forcing one to believe humans lived 250,000 years ago, and nothing else is possible it must be a government cover up, in which having to believe so many assumptions for a conclusion to be true, Occam’s Razor inclines me to believe that the scientist was simply mistaken. This argument is…show more content…
Historians were discussing how they did not believe humans evolved from apes, but we do share DNA with them. A journalist later appeared to give a testimony, she stated she gained access to Area 51, where government officials handed her a top-secret document (which she was prohibited from taking a record of). This documented claimed to state that the United States is aware of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, and of Earth encounters with Extra Terrestrials. Additionally, the document claims that these Aliens are the origin of humans, that Humans were formed by aliens combing various ape DNA. This supposedly explains human-alien abduction cases, possibly collecting more DNA to make the next hominid species. This proposition was extremely weak due to the lack of solid evidence. Using the concept of Occam’s Razor in order to believe that Aliens created Humans, one must make plenty of assumptions that they mixed ape DNA, and that this is why we have “alien” abductions involving humans, also that they made past hominid species and are making more in the future after us. Evolution explains this in one easy theory, which makes evolution more believable. This argument displays a Divine Fallacy towards the origins of humanity. The documentary and its associates struggled to answer how did humans begin to be, as would anyone. A divine fallacy is arguing
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