Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet

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Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet
History 221 – African American History Before 1877

You will find the list of films you can choose from in the Assignment tab.
Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film. If you can’t access films because of deployment, geographic location, or other reasons, please let your instructor know so they can give you an alternate assignment.
Please type you answers into this sheet. You must submit the worksheet by uploading the worksheet as a Word document
You must answer in complete sentences, using a short answer/paragraph format. Please do not answer in one or two sentences be specific. 2 paragraph minimum (except for #1)

1. What is the title of the film you
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Slaves were treated like animals and property rather than human beings (3/5th constitution stated that slaves were only 3/5th human and therefore were to be treated as such.)1

4. Consider the effectiveness of the film for this history class. What are its strengths and weaknesses of this film in documenting history?

This film is strong and very effective with many strengths. It gives a detailed account of slavery and the lives of significant people who helped to abolish slavery. It talks about David Walker and his appeal and what the Appeal did for all blacks and whites fighting for the cause. Later it talks about Maria Stewart (Walker’s prodigy) and how she was the first black women to speak to a mixed audience those of men and women and how the lawsuit she won later would bring about the Emancipation.
Other significant role players were Harriet Jacobs who was the first women to write a slave narrative. Her life consisted in the attempts to be free of her master who wanted her for sexual purposes. She fell in love with another white man and produced two children for him. In order for her children to be free she fled to her grandmother’s home who was free and she lived in an enclosed space for the next seven years. Although, her children were free it would be a few more years before she would ever see them again.
The only weakness to this documentary I found was that it
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