Documentary Photography

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Documentary Photography Documentary photography is a vibrant extension of general photojournalism. It is a tree with roots immersed in professional reportage, but branches spreading to art and expression of various forms. While the more serious photojournalism seeks to convey pertinent anecdotes about the world around us, through visual depiction; documentary photography aims to experiment with creativity and innovation at a more extensive scale. In other words, documentary photography is to photojournalism, as creative writing is to news reporting. This modern and diversified form of art originated from events such as the American Civil War and the South African Apartheid, and steadily evolved into a key platform for arousing public response regarding significant global issues. In the modern world, with the advancement of complex photographic devices along with a nourishment of a range of forums for expression, the cause of documentary photography has been enormously furthered. The very definitions of the trade have endured quite a lot of evolution and of course, debate. According to Natasha Becker in her highly comprehensive article titled, "Familiarizing the Documentary or Documenting the Family?" the opening paragraph lays down the absolute crux of the afore-mentioned cause of debate. Contemporary photography critics seem to be balancing on the fence about whether photography is meant to capture the tell-tale signs of stark reality, or whether it should emphasize
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