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RESEACH QUESTIONS – based on Steve jobs and Apple

MARKETING THE BRAND 1. How has apple marketed itself to the world? How has it continued with its vision over the 25 years that it has been in business?
At the conference, Jobs introduced the new generation of computer with Macintosh. The computer had interactive graphic and mouse. Moreover, it promoted the brand of Apple as the pioneer of computer technology. In other words, Apple changed the trend of technology with globalization and customer.

2. What is the company philosophy and vision?
The vision and philosophy of company is dominating the global market through innovating software, hardware and services. Moreover,
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What was the turning point for Apple in the early stages of its business that propelled its success?
Apple II was a product to make the brand of Apple

5. By how much did the business grow initially when it hit the stock market?

6. Why did the company loose market share in the 1980’s after it had such incredible initial growth?

The big problem is Jobs just focused on the appearance of computer, and the operating system of Apple is not strong enough to attract customer. On the other hand, Microsoft can contribute the perfect operating system which is Microsoft window. In addition, IBM is a big competitor which incorporates with Microsoft to offer perfect computer rather than Apple. That is a reason why most of people

7. What was the Macintosh computer named after?
The name of Macintosh computer after was Mac

8. Who controlled the computer industry at the time the Apple Macintosh was introduced?
IBM corporation

9. How did Apple take over the market share of personal computers?
Catch up the demand of market. Furthermore, Apple can exceed Customer expectation in term of technology.

10. Why was Steve jobs fired from Apple? What impact did this have on the business and its future?
The conflict between Steve and John Sculley who was Pepsi operation director, is invited to incorporate with Apple by Steve Job.

11. What did Steve Jobs do after he was fired from Apple?
He worked for Pixaz cartoon corporation. Then he was a

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