Documentary, The Invisible War, Features Heroic War Heros

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Although the documentary The Invisible War is a film that features heroic War Veterans. It displays emotional and sympathetic stories that captures the attention of the viewers. It shamefully uncovers the secrets of sexual assault within the U.S. Military. Created by Academy and Emmy award winners, Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick. In this film Ziering and Dick try to convince their audience of the ongoing rape epidemic surrounding the U.S. Military. A film intended to reach an audience unaware of the issues, Ziering and Dick take their viewers on a mission to seek justice. In the beginning of the film Ziering and Dick use emotional stories told by victims of sexual assault. This approach quickly bonds with the audience. Therefore, setting the…show more content…
Major General Dennis Laich went on camera revealing why senior officers do not report the abuse. Partly because they do not want higher command to view them incapable of supervising their platoons. Filmmakers reached out to different Marine Veterans who stated they were punished for disclosing the assaults. Ziering and Dick want the audience to see the inconsistency the military is displaying. Building on the emphasis that factual proof is the basis for the argument. Staff Sergeant Stace Nelson recalled an incident in which he witnessed a fellow officer belittle a rape victim while subsequently dismissing her case. Department of Defense records show that out of every 3000 people guilty of rape, only 175 of them will do jail time. On a more alarming note, many of the 175 sent to jail will serve less than 30 days. 800 of those cases will never be investigated(Ziering and Dick The Invisible War). In most cases the offenders often maintain their rank while others are even promoted. This can lead an audience to believe the military has been covering up for the issues at hand. Due to the increase of incidents over the years it can be implied that future offenders will not face punishment either. With numbers has high as 300 victims per offender the need to tackle the issue is greater than ever(Ziering and Dick The Invisible War). The film later claims that the military took little to no action in
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