Documentary on Suffrage, Not for Ourselves Alone by Geoffrey C. Ward

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Not for Ourselves Alone
The movie I watched this week was the Not for Ourselves Alone, produced by Ben Burns, Paul Barnes, and written by Geoffrey C. Ward in 1999. The documentary articulates the suffrage movement in the United States, along with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s biography. In review, the movie dedicates a significant amount of time to the time after their deaths. Thus, the movie provided an overview of strategic moments in the woman’s suffrage history and the insights of two women’s lives.
Not for Ourselves Alone delved into Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Station’s relationship with their parents, however, primary focus directly integrated on their strong willed fathers. Susan B. Anthony did not
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However, there was no enlightenment of how she campaigned against enfranchising the black man. Hence, Anthony’s portrayal to exclude Douglass from the suffrage conference in Atlanta was duly in the anticipation of more white Southern women. However, the film depicts Anthony as keeping silent. Thus, “dimensions of inequality” are co-constructed, they cannot adequately account for the experiences of women of color. The intersectional approach identifies subjects “occupy multiple social locations,” attends to the complexity of their experiences, and all the while remains committed to social justice,” states Dill and Zambrana (McCann & Kim, 2013, p. 162).
The film producers correctly portrayed Anthony, in the 1880’s and 1890’s, as more vigilant than Stanton concerning questioning. They tell the story of Stanton's formation of the Women's Bible in the 1890s and illustrate the prejudice from other suffragists toward one who was subjectively ahead of her time. However, viewers failed to obtain the entire story. Anthony did seek an early coalition with the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, leaving Stanton doubtful. Although, a few years later, Stanton sanctioned the WCTU-backed Prohibition Party while Anthony remained with the Republicans. Therefore, without adequate background knowledge, viewers can be wondering what radical meant within the movement. Thus, “radical feminist definition of patriarchy
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