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1. INTRODUCTION “Health is metabolic efficiency, sickness is metabolic deficiency” Considering this statement, the researcher can say that health is important. Catastrophes like accident is inevitable in our daily living, Emergency sickness like headache, stomachache and toothache may attack us anytime and anywhere. Thus, in every establishment, there should be a place for our health. One place that we can rely on is the so called “Clinic” that provides primary aid and care that will eliminate or at least lessen up our difficulties when in pain. But, what if one day you’re not feeling well and decided to go to the clinic, but before they assist you, They ask you to fill up a form with your name, age, sex, location,…show more content…
Only the dentist and the employees can log-in the proposed system. It is also for the security and safety of the system and their business. • Employee The employees are the second beneficiary of the proposed system. If there would be instances that the dentist will not be in the clinic and there would be a customer inquiring for the cost of their services, the employee can enter the system and give some information to the customer’s inquiry. • Patient The proposed system will make services better and faster for the customer in terms of billing for their total payment. It can also lessen their burdens because it takes time and effort for the patient to be register but it depends if they already have a record in the system. 2 .PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2.1 Problem Statement This project focuses in dental billing system, as the proponent conducted a survey in a specific town most of the dental clinic in the said town is using a manual system. But as the proponent conducted the interview of one of the dental clinic manual system causes low income to their business because some of their patients are indebted to them, most cases, the patient are paying half of their bills and promise to pay the other half if they have some extra money next time. It takes so much time for them to pay the whole amount.
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