Documentation in Software Engineering

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Documentation in Software Engineering An Overview of Documenting Software Engineering in General as well as Specifics in Requirements Engineering Introduction Software documentation is an integral part of the software development process. For many different kinds of systems, different attributes of the system such as performance, reliability, security, and modifiability are equally as important as the output of the system. Software architecture documentation is an important component of this process because it allows for cooperation, synchronization, collaboration, on different elements that need to be documented and communicated among different parties that are stakeholders in the system. The documentation can serve many parties that have a stake in the system such as the designers, the developers, the project manager, the end-users, the investors, and even the marketing department. However, the documentation process can often be challenging because many times the documentation process in considered one of the lowest priorities amongst the project team. Furthermore, the software development can include a scope that can often evolve quickly with new updates and new builds. Despite the challenges the software documentation can serve as an invaluable asset to all of the stakeholders both now as well as into the future. This paper will look at some of the different types of documentation that is required as well as some of the best practices that can facilitate
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