Documentation of Examination System

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Entrance Examination System

Members: John Paul Conde John Mark Monilla Jocel Floirendo Sebastian Barot Kenneil Khong Hun

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Basic Planning Phase 1.1 Background of the Company 1.2 Project Study Definition & Description 1.2.1 Description of the Study 1.2.2 Policies Related to the Study 1.2.3 Definition of Terms 1.3 Scope & Limitation of the Study 1.4 Task & Duration of the Study 1.5 Duties & Responsibilities of the Personnel Involved
Chapter 2 – System Analysis Phase 2.1 Data Gathering Techniques 2.2 Analysis Tools 2.2.1 Context Diagram 2.2.2 Data Flow Diagram 2.3 Problem Analysis 2.4 Description of the Properties System 2.5
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User - It refers to a person using an information system.
Username - It refers to an identifier of a user.
Visual Basic(VB) - It refers to a software used of any programmer in developing a system.

1.3 Scope & Limitation of the Study

Entrance Examination System focuses on the examinees and its result is automatically computed once the student is done on answering the questionnaires. It has an Admission and Proctor in order to control and maintain the questionnaires and results of the Entrance Examination System. The students can print the result once the process of their examination has been done. Entrance Examination System has:
Login Form - For security information.
Admin Form - Main control of the system.
Student/User Form - For the students who will taking up an exam.
Examination Form - For the examination process of the system.

Limitation of the Study: The Entrance Examination System focuses only on a highschool graduate student and the system is not an online program.

1.4 Task & Duration of the Study

1.5 Duties & Responsibilities of the Personnel Involved There are 5 members are involved on this system: John Paul Conde John Mark Monilla Sebastian Barot Jocel Floirendo Kennel Khong Hun John Paul Conde and Kenneil Khong Hun are responsible for the documentation process, John Mark Monilla as the lead programmer Jocel Floirendo and Sebastian Barot are responsible for the design of the program.

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