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Jose Antonio Vargas documentary titled Documented opened my eyes to things I have never knew or particular looked at first hand from a person in his situation. Watching the film it was very touching and enlighten to bring awareness to something many people experience here in America. Something that stood out to me was how he was and known Journalist for many companies like The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and many others. Living like any person would go day to day you would never know that he was considered and illegal immigrant.
In Jose’s case this is not something he wanted or asked for this was something that was put in place for him and he had no control over. Being that he was 12years old when he left all he knew and his mother
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Looking more into the title he named his campaign it made me think what it really means to be an American. This is something I think has no definition it has a vast majority of people from different geographical locations from all over the world. Even looking at the film and biography of his life it just shows you how he came from the Philippines but he easily came over to America and was able to adopt the culture and learn the ways of how things worked here and dropped all his old ways. Like many of the children in the film shown they came here at young ages and this is home for them they are just as American as anyone born on this land. Many of the children in the film were part of the organization Called DREAMERS. Under the President Obama he has deported more than 2 million people back to the country they were born in, on the other side the DREAM Act was also passed under President Obama .This Act allowed children who have came to America and under the age of 29 years old to be eligible to be able to become documented citizens and this would help them be able to access the rights by becoming an American legally.This law was helpful but only if you fit into the required age limit , people like Jose who were just a year or two over the required age are still left out of becoming documented
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