Documents Engineering and Technical Documentation: An Overview

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Introduction Document engineering is a branch of software engineering that specifies the strategies to design, specify, and implement the documents that serve as interface to business process. In other word, document engineering assists in specifying, designing and implementing the documents that are inputs and output of business services. On the other hand, document engineering assists in understanding and conceiving the network-based business models being made possible by internet and supporting technologies. Much of the information taking place over the Web is made possible through the information exchange and using documents as interfaces. For example, the business transactions taking place through an online retail store involves selection of product by customer, credit card authorization and picking and delivering of the product to customer. Document engineering assists in designing, analyzing and implement the internet information exchange that takes place between customer and an online retailer. Typically, document engineering provides the methods and concepts that a business needs to align a business strategy. The essence of document engineering is to deliver a document that makes sense to people as well as applications that need the document. Similar to document engineering, technical documentation refers to the documentation that describes the functionality, handling, and architecture of a technical product as well as a product under development. Typically, the
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