Dodd Frank Case Study

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Dodd-Frank in danger? The Dodd Frank law has affected basically the entire financial industry in one way or another, including limiting the ability of banks to engage in “risky” investments, and created oversight agencies for financial institutions and consumers alike. It was enacted after the financial crisis of 2008-9, and was aimed at preventing the creation of banks “too big to fail”. Critics point out that the regulations are extremely expensive to financial institutions, many of which can’t absorb the costs. Some contend that the entire law was an “overreaction” President-elect Donald trump was vocal about his dislike for it during his campaign, and although on his website it was promised to be repealed entirely, most analysts believe…show more content…
Others also mentioned their concerns over Trump’s stance on immigration. Facebook’s security measures Facebook CSO Alex Stamos spoke about their commitment to security recently. Some of the problems they face include people accessing Facebook with older devices, which are not compatible with later security upgrades, meaning that the security of the devices are at least somewhat compromised. He continued that it’s not just about securing the company itself, but also its users, and although they can’t force them to increase their individual security precautions, they do what they can to monitor for any breaches or stolen data. Unlimited Data? AT&T will begin limiting the quality of streaming video to 480p, starting in 2017, with a feature called stream saver. Customers have the option of turning it off, but it is enabled by default. This might prove helpful to those with limited data plans, but certainly not for those with unlimited data plans. However, this is only for cellular data, not home internet or Wi-Fi. T-Mobile and Sprint already have similar
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