Dode Pierson Case Summary

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Tad Pierson has been handed quite a task within the company with which he works. Tad has been tasked with taking over the survey group, as well as maintaining his current position as Project Engineer. Tad is employed by Agrigreen, Inc., a company that manufactures agricultural fertilizers. The company has also branched out over the last few years, staking mining claims in Nevada, and building pipelines. Tad has accepted the responsibility and assessed his teams, determining that there are valid foundations for the problems and conflicts within the groups, and has reported to Burt Jacobs, the new manager of engineering, that he has met with the group members individually to gather facts and will make his determination as to the direction the department needs to take to grow and prosper. Tad has three employees within the surveyor team that he must decide how to best manage to continue with the company growth, and alleviate the discord and conflicts between the teams. Howard Lineberry has been employed…show more content…
Howard feels that he has more experience and as lead surveyor, he should have been afforded the opportunity for the overtime that came with the pipeline and the stake mining claims in Nevada. The discord between Howard and the engineers is quite evident and when the expansion forced more space to be needed, Howard was extremely happy to be moved off-site. While Lee Miller was his supervisor, leaving him to his own accord in an off-site facility, Howard has developed habits of tardiness, leaving early, and napping on company time. Howard has developed a dislike for his job and now dreads coming to work. The temporary position filled by Vince, with whom he bonded, is completed now that Mel Cutler is returning to the department, and is now apprehensive about his future under the supervision of Tad
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