Doe Deere Research Paper

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Lime Crime, originally an indie makeup brand, is hated by many people around the world. From racism to illegal ingredients, Lime Crime has been involved in some controversy in recent years. The owner, Xenia Vorotova (known as Doe Deere) has also been known for making some controversial decisions. She has often gone on rants about rumors surrounding her and her brand Racism in a Palette One of the main reasons the brand is hated so much is the fact that many people say they are racist. One of these claims is because of a palette they released called “China Doll”. The tagline for this palette was “Don't let her milky skin, pouty mouth and flushed cheeks fool you, underneath the poised facade, there lies a heart of a tigress”. The cover picture was what was controversial about the palette. The model was white, on the cover of a China based palette, and the model was wearing Japanese garments. Many found it disrespectful, and they said that the cover was cultural appropriation since the model wasn’t of Japanese(or even Chinese) descent. The palette was resigned later, but no official apology was issued. In response to coming under fire, Doe Deere apologized for people getting offended. Many bloggers have claimed that she will never learn from this mistake. They claim that this isn’t her first time appropriating a certain…show more content…
From their Velvetines liquid lipstick line, the shade called “Red Velvet” apparently had some ingredient that was not approved by the FDA. The ingredient used was safe for eyes, but not the mouth. A member of the FDA was interviewed, and she talked about the ingredient. She said that the ingredient was not meant for use around a mucous membrane(nose, mouth, etc.)After investigating, the FDA proved that it was just a mislabeling error, and that the product was safe. Although it was proved that the lipsticks were safe, many consumers complained that the product dried out their lips
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