Does Advertising Create Artificial Wants?

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Does advertising create artificial wants? Your answer should discuss John Kenneth Galbraith’s ‘dependence effect’ and F.A.Hayek’s response.

Nowadays, the media’s power is indisputable and it is not accidental that it is called the fourth estate. That power represents the possibility to exert influence on people’s behavior. Nowadays one very hot and disputed issue is the advertisement effect on the consumers’ buying behavior. Well prepared campaign can influence consumer decisions and make them buy certain product. The modern world is a world of overproduction. We are surrounded by all kinds of goods- some urgent and some not so much. Certain goods are sold quickly while others remain on the shelves. Every company
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Therefore, the needs are essential for the person’s existence while wants are essential for comfortable and cozy living. Gilbraith wrote in his essay that modern production creates the wants that it seeks to satisfy through advertising which is exactly what the “Dependence effect” is. He called ads “a system to create needs” (Gilbraith). Those created needs are what we call artificial wants. Аdvertising stimulates false needs, that are imposed on people’s minds - false desires that would not occur without advertisements. The user responds inadequately by submitting fаlse information about his or her needs. The circle advertising → false needs (called artificial wants) → wrong signals → unnecessary goods → advertising turns infinitely and distorts the society’s perception of what the real meaning of needs and wants is. All these wants are artificially created by advertising and are designed to support a person’s comfortable way of living. They are not essential for one’s survival. And just because of that reason, corporations spend millions of dollars each year in order to develop well-planned advertisements that are so powerful they can create artificial wants which in turn are essential for a companies’ prosperity.
In today’s world, materialism seems to spread rapidly affecting more and more people. This phenomenon has taken alarming proportions and threatens the new generation to live inadequate life with unrealized potential. That is due to the

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