Does Aging Bring Sadness to an Athlete? Essay

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The crowd is going nuts, he made the winning basket, and the Warriors win! This sounds a lot like an athlete at the high school level of sports winning the game and everyone gets excited. High school is the primary years of learning a sport and finding your talents. As you enter college and continue to do sports, you find that your talent is met with many other people who also are good at a particular sport. Sports can be anything including basketball, football, soccer, badminton, tennis, ping pong, and even cross country skiing. You are considered an athlete if you participate in any sport. So being named an athlete is an honor because your skills are put to the test at all ages which leads to the question of: does aging bring only…show more content…
We can see that aging athletes are excited for retirement after long years and practice, traveling, and injuries. Retirement is the time for theses old players to spend the money they earned on their families and spend time with families. As a profession sports player, you travel almost every day around the country and around the world which means you see your family not very often. With aging brings more family time for old players and can help unify relationships severed by the long distance traveling and the constant moving to new cities. Lastly, why do I agree with Housman that aging brings sadness to an athlete? Looking at Lines 16-20 of, “To an Athlete Dying Young,” we see Housman’s idea of a dying athlete. “Now you will not swell the rout of lads that wore their honors out, runners whom renown outran and the name died before the man.” This quote explains that once the athlete had many fans that adored him, but as time went by lost fans and became a normal person, not someone they looked up to. I agree with Housman on this poem with the fact of sports today. Sports today focus on the young, strong, and non-injured players to bring in wins not losses. As an athlete ages we see that their fan base is changed because those fans like the young athletes more now than they like the older athlete. Even with this happening in sports teams today, we have to see these athletes are still considerably young with ages in the thirties, forties, and fifties. That is young
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