Does Alcohol Cause More Damage Than Good?

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Kayla Schneider Mr. Haug ENG 201-S02 March 17, 2017 Does Alcohol Cause more Damage than Good? “About 2 billion people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks, which can have immediate and long term consequences on health and social life. Over 76 million people are currently affected by alcohol use disorders, such as alcohol dependence and abuse” (Morean, M). Alcohol play a huge role is society. Alcohol is at family gatherings, celebrations, sporting events, weekend activities, and many more social gatherings. A moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is usually fine but sometimes people turn to alcohol “numb their pain” or “forget their problems”. When alcohol becomes the main element of someone 's life, it is obvious that certain impacts…show more content…
“If a person consumes more than the body can handle, they then experience alcohol’s depressant effect. They start to feel “stupid” or lose coordination and control” (Drug Free World). When being overly intoxicated one may say, or do things out of their ordinary, this can be a negative or positive of drinking. Attractions to being intoxicated may be to “allow us, at last, to tell off our neighbor or make an improper suggestion to his wife. Alcohol might also persuade us that we have found truth about life, a comforting experience rarely available in the sober hour” ( Acocella, J.). Doing these things may cause problems for the person and surrounding people because you could embarrass yourself and/or hurt others. The next morning, the one whom drank more than they can handle may not even remember what they had done or said. This may cause bigger issues for all people involved. Waking up and realizing you have made a fool of yourself or others may affect the person’s social life after that night. This could be why some people may believe drinking is an undesirable and problematic social activity. People drink alcohol for a lot of different reasons; drinking alcohol to “forget their problems” may be due to sexual abuse or assault, childhood issues, fighting with a spouse or loved one, etc. When the person sobers up, they will still have their problems. Drinking alcohol will only temporarily
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