Does America Have Social Classes?

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Kristen Gay
English Composition 111
Lorna Naylor
November 23, 2015
Does America Have Social Classes?
Society has developed a concept of social class, which allows them to place people in different economic, political, and socio-economic groups. The word social means relating to society or its organization. The word class means people living together in a more or less ordered community. “The definition of social class is a separation of society based on economic status” ( “People most often define success attainment of high income, a prestigious job, and economic security” (Hochschild 17). America is known for the “American Dream”; however, achieving this dream is not an easy task, especially with a middle or low economic status. According to research, America is a democracy based on freedom, which communicates the potential power that one’s social class can have, such as the determination of income, job title, and security.
Social classes in America are divided into three main categories. The three categories are rich, middle class, and the poor. “Social classes first originated in Palestine before Christ”
(McPolin). The classes were also divided into three categories. The “rich” were considered merchants, landowners, tax-officers, and bankers. There was a small “middle class” made up of those working in small trades, craftspeople, and fish trade. Then there were the “poor” made up of two different groups. The first group consisted of slaves;
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