Does America Have the Best Government

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Is the American Government the Best in the World? Taurean Gardner POL201: American National Government Instructor: Shawon Jackson-Ybarra 19 September 2015 I. The Constitution The American constitution has many strengths and weakness that make our political system best in the world. One major strength of the constitution is the believe that all men are created equal. One unique major weakness it can be extremely vague and it is a 100 years out of date. A way to enhance the strength and correct the weakness of the American constitution is to further push the believe, that all men are created equally, especially in the light of everything going on in today’s society. One way to fix the weakness is the update the constitution to…show more content…
H.R. 1731, the National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement (NCPA) Act, is bipartisan bill passed unanimously by the Committee on Homeland Security. This pro-privacy, pro-security bill ensures the sharing of cyber threats is transparent and timely. It strengthens the NCCIC’s role as the lead civilian interface for cyber threat information sharing by: Providing liability protections for the voluntary sharing of cyber threat indicators and defensive measures with the NCCIC or private-to-private. Granting liability protections for private companies to conduct network awareness of their own information systems. Allowing companies to operate defensive measures and conduct network awareness on information systems they own or operate. The NCPA Act also ensures personal information is removed before sharing cyber threat indicators and that strong safe guards are in place to protect the privacy and civil liberties of all Americans. It bolsters the robust privacy protections already in place at DHS without risking exposure of personal data by: Enhancing DHS’s already robust Privacy Office to ensure the NCCIC complies with all civilian laws that protect Americans’ privacy and civil liberties. Requiring private companies to ‘scrub’ and remove personal information unrelated to the cybersecurity risk before sharing with the NCCIC or other private entities Requiring the
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