Does An Individual Have A Core Self?

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Does an individual have a core-self? A simple answer that many people would respond with is yes, of course people have a core-self. How else would they be able to represent who they truly are if they do not have a core-self? Unfortunately, this is incorrect. The correct answer to this question is no. No, individuals do not have core-selves, but things cannot be that simple. People that think they have a core-self would say that it is the identity that someone has on the inside; their true selves. It is the acts and statements that people would like to pride themselves on. They may think they are a trustworthy person, that they never lie, or anything along those lines. These are all general concepts of the core-self but it can get much deeper than that. People believe they have a core-self because they want to make an image of themselves that others can see. They think that even though they may act different depending on the circumstances, at the end of the day, everything relates back to who they truly are. This is really just an illusion, even if they do not know that they are actively doing it. They are just putting on a front that is shifting. Individuals are shifting their inner-selves to become the person that they would like to be at that time. The truth behind a core-self is that it can be shifted so often that it is nearly impossible to have a set-in-store core. If someone is always putting on these fronts, when it comes down to it, do they really know who…
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