Does Anyone Really Need School?

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Does Anyone Really Need School? Many people will say that grades K-12 in school help better a student so they can go on to college where they will receive an higher and more profound education. Other people have reason to believe that schools are teaching students not to grow up and not to be unique, rather than educating them. In John Taylor Gatto’s essay Against School he addresses many issues about whether or not anyone really needs to attend school and what he believes schools are doing to students. Being well educated means making sure that students are using their abilities to be creative, curious, as well as being able to analyze and problem solve (Sabrina). They should also have an ability to create new things whether it is…show more content…
There were many famous people that were very impactful on America who never received even a secondary education. People such a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin never graduated from high school but this did not hold them back. They were able to go on to achieve great things such as leading a nation by being president, writing the Declaration of Independence, and inventing new things. These are all characteristics of being well educated. Even though they did not go to high school these people, who would now be described as unschooled, generally rose to the top. He says that they were “unschooled, perhaps, but not uneducated (Colombo).” The original purpose of American schooling was “to make good people, to make good citizens, and to make each person his or her personal best (Colombo).” Gatto expresses in his essay that he knows the real reason for American schooling. The real reason for having American schooling is to keep children immature and childish as long as possible. There is no need to grow up due to everything being so easy for the adults. Because it is so easy to get a divorce, it takes away the need to make a relationship successful. Because of the ease to get credit cards, it takes away the need to have self control when it comes to spending and saving money. Due to the fact that
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