Does Art Affect Life, Or Does Life Reflect Islamic Art?

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Does art reflect life, or does life reflect art? One might say it goes both ways, maybe even taking the stance that there is a constant flow between the two claims. Islamic art, however, seems to reflect life, and the way it affects the Muslim life and beliefs. Islam was founded in the early Seventh Century near the indus river. Its belief system consists of five main doctrines: belief in absolute monotheism, angels, the prophets, the Qur'an, and the final day of judgement. These doctrines are extremely important to to the Muslim faith, and are represented in Islamic art. Islamic Art reflects the Muslim faith through its visual depiction of its five central beliefs. To understand how Islamic art reflects the Muslim faith, it is first necessary to understand the five main beliefs of islam, which are the core structures that hold the religion together. The first doctrine is the belief in absolute monotheism, or that Allah is the one true God (Horn). The second doctrine, which aligns with the first, is the belief in angels and the inherent goodness of all except Iblis who is comparable to the Christian Satan (Horn). The third doctrine is the belief in prophets, of which Muhammad is the last. Prophets were separated into two classifications: Rasuls and Nabis. Yet, no matter the classification all prophets were meant to be noble people of good…show more content…
The inscription invites the reader to enjoy a long life of happiness and fulfillment until the inevitable, but very vital day of judgement when all men, Muslims and not alike will have to stand before Allah. The quote proves that the end goal of many ancient Muslims was the day of judgement which is why it is the final core
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