Does Belonging Mean Compromise?

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Does belonging mean compromise? If you don’t belong does that mean you’re secluded? In the wake of the high-speed social and sexual identity progress, there is accumulating evidence that the knowledge of sexual identities has changed. Putting a label on your sexual identity such as gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual didn’t exist, so where did you belong? Writers such as Whitman and Wilde, both denied being apart of any specific minority sexual identity at the time. Throughout the first half of the twentieth century there was no such thing as equal rights for sexual identities. Especially ones you couldn’t or refused to classify yourself with, like people can today. So what has changed over time? Because prior to this there was a…show more content…
Not that I was shamed of so being, but to defend against insults, humiliation, mockery, and also to make a living and so the sort of work I wanted to do” (273). Managing a gay life then was not easy but considered “safe” in some situations. Comparing the ways, the community of people came together during this time in the 1920s and other times in which we read are different. The idea of homosexuality was seen as abnormal in the first half of the twentieth century. In fact, many homosexuals didn’t feel they had a sense of belonging. Heterosexuals were considered normal, Adam and Eve, the first Man and Lady who were together was brought up in “The Invention of Heterosexuality” by Jonathan Katz. Katz says, “…. the heterosexual idea in history, analysts of sex, gay and straight, have continued to privilege the “normal” and “natural” at the expense of the “abnormal” and “unnatural”. “… the heterosexual idea was created as a historical and taken-for-granted…” (Katz, 28). Since the historic presence of Adam and Eve everyone perceived heterosexuality to be the norm. When in reality your sexual identity is based upon how you feel and vision yourself from within. Regardless of what the norm is, like Camp said, self love is important nevertheless if no one else agrees. A lot of people are beginning to take
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