Does Bias Doesn 't Mirror The World?

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Where Bias Comes From Words are the world; however, words don’t mirror the world. We depend on vocabularies or words to form thoughts, to interpret ideas, and to communicate with others, and it’s needless to say that we share the same physical world; however, we see the world through different perspective and we use different vocabularies to interpret what we absorb from the objective reality. Consequently, we use different words to describe the unitary reality. For example, if a botanist, an artist, and a poet were presented with a rose, and they were asked to describe the rose with all their might and with all the time, they might came up with three different versions of depiction of the same rose, and yet each of the depiction would has certain flaw that makes it not mirroring the real rose. When we use the word bias, the first thing comes to mind is perspective. Perspective is not like a lens we use to see things, which we can put down and change new ones when we needed. Perspective is the bedded ideas that we always bring with us to view the world. It’s who we are and what we know. However, Bias is a bit different than perspective. Bias can be deliberate and purposeful. Unlike perspective is depend on knowledge and past experience, bias is about where the beholder stand on certain issue, what he choice to advocate or condemn. It important to know that everything we read does not mirror or perfectly represent the reality. Also when something is biased, we need to be
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