Does Black Architecture Exist?

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Does black architecture exists? If so, why has it been ignored for so many centuries? I will be defending African-American architecture by discussing many black architects from the past to the present. I will show and discuss their architectural work by describing the appearance, the year it was built, and as well as if its still standing today. I believe we all know that there are black architects today but centuries ago it was like they were non-existed because they were never acknowledged on record for their hard work until recently. I did not realize that African-American architecture was almost non-existent until I started this research, which I could not believe anyone ever thought there were no such thing as
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The article “Tuskegee University Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Building Science Builds On Its Legacy” was written by Dr. Richard K. Dozier AIA and published on the 14th of March in 2011. The article “Profile: Pioneer African American Architect, Planner, Developer, Visionary Albert I. Cassell, AIA, 1895 – 1969” was written by Charles I. Cassell on the 16th of June in 2009.
The report/essay “Hampton University Brings Color to Architecture” states that Hampton University played a critical role in diversifying the African-American architects profession. The University produced the second highest number of licensed African-American architects than any other program in the country. In this report/essay it states, “If black students hardly ever hear of a black architect, the most promising young people are unlikely to look to architecture as a career,” stated Progressive Architecture in December 1990. “If clients rarely see or hear of a black architect, black architects are not going to have the credibility they need (Chance, pg. 98).” The architectural history surveys does not acknowledge the talented black architects that have contributed. This report/essay will help me identify some black architects and their work.
The article “Tuskegee University Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Building Science Builds On Its Legacy” includes information about African-American
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