Does Bpa Be An Endocrine Disrupting Compound?

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Frequent reports in the mainstream news media present conflicting evidence about the safety of human exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical commonly found in a variety of consumer products. Some groups claim that exposure to even low doses of BPA -- which is considered to be an endocrine-disrupting compound (EDC) -- leads to ailments including cancer and diabetes, and can trigger autism and other neurobehavioral disorders. The opposing viewpoint holds that each exposure is so minimal that the lifetime risk to human health does not warrant a ban on what is otherwise considered to be a commercially useful chemical. An examination of the science on both sides of the controversy leads to the suggestion that exposure to BPA through consumer…show more content…
Arguments in favor of BPA’s continued commercial use center on the assertion that each exposure is so minimal that the lifetime risk to human health is not serious enough to call for a ban on a chemical with a variety of commercial applications. While the argument appears to focus on degree of exposure rather than on a debate about whether or not chemicals do, in fact, have the potential to leach, vulnerabilities in certain individuals make the specific “safe” exposure level difficult to identify definitively. A “commodity chemical,” BPA is widely used in consumer products, and therefore is produced on a large scale. It is composed of two polymers: acetone and phenol. The two primary uses of BPA are for polycarbonate plastics (approximately 74% of its application) and epoxy resins (about 20%) (Ritter). Polycarbonates are manufactured by the combination of phosgene (COCl₂) and BPA (C15H16O2 ), and epoxy resins are made by combining BPA and epichlorohydrin (C3H5ClO). When unpolymerised epoxy compounds leach into food through packaging or come into contact with human skin through contact with cash register receipt tapes, for example, the estrogen-mimicking effects of the compounds have the potential to interfere with the normal function of
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