Does CSR Help or Hinder a Company’s Performance?

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Task 4: (582 words)
Write a literature review for “Does CSR (corporate social responsibility) help or hinder a company’s performance?”

This literature review explores the state of the art in corporate social innovation research.
It briefly outlines the main themes in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) debate organizational legitimacy, moral choices, stakeholder interaction, sustainable development radical and user driven innovation. The paper then reviews the major objects of corporate social innovation singling out and eco innovations as key themes. It closes by analyzing how social innovation is enacted at each of the four levels discussed in the first part.
The debate about CSR has been said to have begun in the early
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TASK 6: (1073 words)

The synthesized essay on: “Does CSR (corporate social responsibility) help or hinder a company’s performance?”

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting an increasingly important issue for economic agents all over the world. The development sustainable businesses need to implement
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